I support people being authentic and alive in each role they choose doing


What is coaching?

Coaching is the process of bridging the gap between where you are now and where you want to be in achieving your goal(s). It is the most efficient and less time consuming way of discovering who You really are, what are your talent(s), and what drives and fulfills you in life.

Happiness and fulfillment in life come about when people discover and follow their true inner passion and do what they love. That is what happened to me by discovering coaching, and I am very looking forward to all the opportunities the life brings and shows me in My Path

Who do I coach?

The focus of my coaching practice is educational and career growth for adults and students (MBA, EMBA, One MBA) as I have similar experience and could easily relate to all the challenges over there.

I coach adults/MBA students in any profession who want to improve themselves:

  • through higher education

  • through pursuing a new career

  • through raising their current career to a higher level.

During coaching sessions I help people to realise their peak potential and achieve self-defined growth goals, so they can live the best version of their life on the fullest.


About Me

I am originally from Crimea, now living in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I have 10+ years of corporate experience in different International companies (Wrigely, L’Oreal, Yves Rocher, IFF, WCSG), completed Full-Time MBA at Rotterdam School of Management, launched own fashion business, but my true passion and meaning I have discovered in Coaching. Since the moment I decided to follow this path, My path, life has shown me so many opportunities, events, people at the right moment that I could not even dream about.

I do believe that all people are naturally whole, creative and resourceful. I am convinced that each of us has come into this life with our unique set of talents and gifts. You know it when you are just good at it, it feels like your calling, it resonates with you, you feel happy and fulfilled, you truly live your Life Purpose. That what is happening for me now - serving and supporting others in their own journeys as a Coach.

My mission is to help people in discovering their unique gifts and live the best version of their life at the fullest. During the coaching sessions I’m giving my full focus and support, so people could learn more about the authentic Self, find the answers to their questions, be confident about the upcoming change and live their life at the fullest.

How do I work?

  • Before starting a coaching process, I always offer first sample session for free, so we have opportunity to get to know each other a bit better  (“chemistry check”)

  • The number of sessions is discussed individually, although usually client needs minimum 4-6 coaching sessions  (45 minutes + 10 minutes to wrap it up) as the change doesn’t happens during the coaching session itself, it happened in between.

  • I coach by phone, Skype, Zoom and face-to-face if person is located in Amsterdam area.

  • I could couch in English and Russian



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